How to Snack Smart All the Time

snacksYour chiropractor isn’t just interested in healing your back, but in making your whole body work better together. A big part of that is learning how to eat well and to eat smart. Many people can make good choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner but get caught up in unhealthy snacking habits that can sabotage any efforts to getting healthy. So, here are a few ways you can learn to snack smarter!

Emotional Eating

 A lot of people pick up some food and snack as a way to cope with emotions. Do you eat to celebrate? Do you eat when you’re upset? Do you eat when you’re mad or when you need comfort? All of these things are considered emotional eating and they are just a bandage for deeper issues. In order to help thwart this bad snacking habit, try keeping a food diary. This way you can see what you’re eating and when, and then try to see if there are any patterns to it. Then, you can look at alternative ways to deal with feelings you may be having instead of grabbing that bag of cookies!

Bored Eating

Sometime people reach for snacks simply because they’re looking for something to do. This is another way you can benefit from keeping track of what you’re eating and when, then look for other things to do to alleviate your boredom instead of opening up the fridge. There are lots of things out in the big world to do, so try a new hobby or read a book instead of snacking.

Everyone Else is Doing It

You may not have thought of this but it’s true that sometimes people eat simply because other people are eating. This is especially true when you’re out with friends and family. You may not even be hungry, but seeing other people eat and eating with them makes you feel on some level like you’re participating in an activity together. All you have to do to keep this bad snacking habit in check is to actually stop and ask yourself if you’re even hungry. If you’re not, pass it on by.

Tired Eating

If you experience a dip in your energy in the afternoons then you’re probably familiar with tired eating. This is also a dangerous time because most people reach for unhealthy and sugar-laden snacks to get them through. The problem with this is that it will lead to an even bigger crash later. Try other strategies like a short walk or a cup of tea to help get you through.

If you have questions about how to snack smarter, talk to your chiropractor for suggestions!

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