How to Spice Up Your Fitness Life


Humans are creatures of habit. In the world of fitness, we are no different. Once we find a routine that we enjoy, we tend to make it a routine and eventually become accustomed to it. And while it is absolutely important to enjoy your workout and find activities you like, it is also important to include some variety now and then and avoid the negatives that come with robotic routines. Mixing up your workout routine with new moves or exercises can help you avoid that plateau effect and the workout rut we all tend to fall in to over time. In addition, it will keep your body guessing so all your muscles stay active, and it will help you avoid strain and fracture from overuse and constant repetition. Here are some tips to help you mix it up:

Quality Not Quantity

If setting the treadmill to a one-hour cardio walk is basically second nature, you could benefit from shorter workouts of higher intensity. Research shows that thirty minutes of exercise a day can actually boost your results and your energy in the long run. So try interval training, or move to a different cardio machine every ten minutes. And concentrate on feeling the muscles in your body strengthen.

Be “Super”

Supersets can help get you over that plateau by challenging your mucles/body in new ways. A superset simply means going from one exercise directly to another without resting in between moves/reps. This will keep your heart pumping, and it will enhance the calorie burn you experience both in the moment and for hours after your workout.

Take It Outside

Going outdoors for workouts is a great way to beat that methodical mindset. Research shows that exercising outside has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing and happiness. It can help you clear your mind, better your attitude, and even increase your self-esteem. So hit the trail/park/sidewalk/or whatever it is you want to explore outdoors today!


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Story Credit: 17 Science-Backed Ways To Bust Out Of A Workout Rut by Alexandra Duron

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