How You Can Feel Great On Mondays

Mondays can feel like the worst, but there are some little tweaks we can make in order for that day of the week to feel a lot happier and healthier. Check out the following surefire tips to feel great not just on the weekends.


1. Plan Something Fun To Do During The Week

It helps me to make plans with my friends during the week so that I have something fun to look forward to. This also makes my days go by faster and puts a little bounce in my step. I make plans to get together with some of my friends twice a week so that my life feels fuller and I’m not just looking forward to the weekend. While work can be wonderful if you like your job, it’s not the only thing we should be focusing on.

2. Set Yourself Up To Do Less On Mondays

Sometimes we can make some pretty lengthy goals to do on Monday because we want to start the week off with a bang. But this can backfire on us. On Mondays we are still a little distracted from the weekend, so trying to do too much can overwhelm us. It’s best to understand that Mondays are just going to be slower days and that’s okay. Make it easier for yourself by setting yourself up for Monday success on Fridays. You can do this by doing some quick research on what you need to get done on Monday or writing yourself a little to-do list and leaving it on your desk for Monday.

3. Don’t Change Your Weekend Hours Too Drastically

If you’re always tired during the week, your weekend schedule could be to blame. I get that on weekends we can end up staying out later. But we need to be mindful of how much later we’re waking up because of it and what we do about it in order to stay healthy and feel alert during the week. We need to make sure that we’re not going to bed later than two hours after we normally do on weekdays. And if we do pull all-nighters, we need to make sure that we’re not waking up more than two hours later than we normally do on weekdays.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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