Increase Personal Satisfaction With These 6 Wellness Tips


Wellness involves not only attention to physical health, but also mental health. Mental wellbeing hinges on personal satisfaction and contentment – something many people struggle with. But being satisfied and enjoying life doesn’t necessarily have to mean everything is perfect. It just means you are equipped with the tools and resources to deal with everything in a healthy way, and remember to prioritize and embrace holistic health. Here are some tips for staying positive, and being fulfilled.

Affirm Yourself

When was the last time you accepted a compliment gracefully? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and had confidence in the person looking back? Positive affirmations are different from self-praise and conceitedness. It is okay to be happy with certain qualities you embody, and acknowledging them helps you live in accordance with your skills and passions.

Sleep Well

When you are not sleeping well, everything in your life takes a hit. Your attitude is probably at the top of that list. Make sleep a priority, so that you can make the most of each day and be effective and happy in your work and personal life.

Manage Your Time

Time management is one of those things we all seek to improve upon. But actually carrying out a solid time management strategy can be more difficult than it seems, and this causes a lot of extra stress and anxiety for people. So do yourself a favor, and plan ahead. Categorize that to-do list according to priority, and make a plan of action that you can realistically stick to.

Say “No” Sometimes

It is okay to say “no” sometimes when people make requests of you. Constantly saying “yes” to everyone that wants your time or assistance will eventually cause you to resent him/her because it pushes your needs to the backburner. So try to find a balance between giving of yourself and taking care of yourself.

Put Down the Smart Phone

This is an epidemic problem in our technologically advanced society. The smart phone has become an appendage to the body – one that we can’t go two minutes without looking at. You might not realize it, but this can eventually lead to anxiety on account of being constantly plugged in. Try to maintain a separation between work and home life, and when having a conversation with someone, put the phone in your pocket and focus.

Make Selfless Goals

We all make personal goals in life. Lose weight, run faster, get a promotion, etc. But one way to find more satisfaction in your achievements is to make those achievements benefit someone else. Making selfless goals will help you impact those around you, and appreciate the feeling that comes with doing that. Here are some examples: Today I will smile and say “good morning” to 5 people on the way to work; By the end of the week, I will buy lunch for 3 coworkers; Before the New Year, I will sign up to volunteer at the shelter down the street.


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Story Credit: 14 Daily Habits That Are Secretly Stressing You Out by Sara Boboltz

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