Keep Your Salad Healthy and Delicious

saladOften times we think we are eating healthy when we order a salad.  However, eating a salad at a restaurant can bring with it some unhealthy consequences.  You might not even be aware of all the unhealthy items lurking around in your seemingly healthy dish.  Restaurant salads can have fatty meats, thick cheeses, and heavy cream-based dressings that can make fresh produce unhealthy.  Your safest bet is to order your dressing on the side, and if you can, make your own salad at home.  This way you can control all the ingredients.

For a healthy salad:

Use a vinegarette dressing moderately.  You can make your own too; mix together vinegar and olive oil, using spices to taste.  Make sure to only use about one tablespoon on your salad.  Another healthy option for salads is fruit.  Finely cut up an apple to add a crispy bite to your salad.  Use leafy greens like kale, spinach, and butter lettuce.  Avoid iceberg lettuce and use finely chopped vegetables like carrots and onions.  Try adding some fresh mint and mandarin oranges for a fresh taste.

Making a salad can be fun because you make it however you want.  Just make sure to take advantage of all the in-season produce!



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