Look Out For Your Eyes: How to Maintain Good Vision

Unfortunately as the number of candles on our birthday cake increases, our quality of vision tends to degenerate.  It can become difficult to see things at night, or read the fine print like you used to.  Many of us have come to expect that our vision will get worse as we get older.  However, poor vision as a result of age, is no longer just a given.

By following these simple steps, you might just be able to keep your youthful eyesight as you get older:

Don’t Smoke

There is an array of health problems that accompany smoking.  One of these afflictions you might be surprised to find out is eyesight.  Smoking can increase your risk of cataracts as well as retinal disease.  By ditching the cigarettes, you will decrease your chances of suffering from poor vision as you get older.

Don’t Forget Your Shades

It is important to always keep a pair of sunglasses on you at all times.  You never know when you’re going to be spending some time in the great outdoors, and remembering to protect your eyes is probably the last thing on your mind.  If you bring your sunglasses everywhere with you, your eyes will be protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Take a Break From Your Computer

If you have a job where you sit in front of a computer all day, your eyes may end up suffering from it.  Prolonged exposure to a computer monitor can permanently strain your vision.  “When people do concentrated work they tend to not blink as often as when they’re doing more active activities. Your eye is focused on one spot for a long time, and your eye muscle may fatigue and feel a sense of strain,” states Dr. Rachel Bishop of the National Eye Institute.

Take Care of Your Entire Body

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can lead to healthy eyesight.  Keeping your blood pressure normalized can actually improve your eyesight, according to Dr. Bishop.  “These things all contribute to eye health. If the person has high blood pressure, they’re at a higher risk for having damage to the eye that can lead to vision loss. There are certain eye diseases associated with diabetes and high blood pressure.”

If eyes really are the window to the soul, then it is important to keep them functioning properly.  Unless you want to squint and struggle to read things as your eyesight deteriorates, take these tips into consideration and you just may avoid having to wear glasses, or serious vision problems down the road.


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