Low Energy? Increase Your Healthy Fuel Intake To Get Back On Track


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Sometimes you feel you can go forever. Other days start slowly and just seem to slide downhill as your energy fades. Those are the days to use some quick energy tricks to get right back on track.

Choose premium fuel

A big sugary pastry and an espresso will get you moving. But soon enough your sugar levels will drop down to your ankles and you might feel even worse than before. Whole wheat bread, topped with lean turkey breast and avocado slices will go a lot further to keep you up and running. Honey, raisins and nuts topping low fat, low sugar Greek yogurt works too.

Eat three good protein, fiber and carbohydrate filled meals, or break it up your intake into several small healthy snacks. Never completely drain your energy by skipping meals. Try bananas and peanut butter, rich in energy making potassium and magnesium. Or if you are a sushi eater look to seaweed wraps to deliver the iodine that thyroids need for weight control, energy level and mood boosts.

Figure out your tea and coffee intake

Some of us would not be on the planet if we did not have our regular lattes. But you can try spreading your intake out more evenly over the day. And researchers are now saying black tea not only delivers caffeine but may keep your stress down too.

Avoid droughts and invest in greenery

Many people are constantly dehydrated causing memory and concentration losses. Drink some water every hour or so and try cucumber, lemon, lime waters for variety. Then treat yourself to a pot of flowers or a lovely green fern. Women especially report feeling less stress and more creativity when they add plants to their workstations.

Set an even speed

You may be one of those people who hits the ground running, but it might be better to find a steady speed and keep it. On days when you feel low on energy, don’t burn through everything you have. Instead knock off projects throughout the day and take a few breaks. Short walks or brief meditations outside can reboot your energy and mood.

Carefully review supplements

Grabbing the latest recommended vitamin or mineral could seem like an easy answer. But there has been no evidence to show that B vitamins revitalize cells. And DHEA has not shown any real benefits in researchers’ studies. Do your homework and talk with your doctor about supplements.
As always, see your doctor if energy continues to lag. You may need a complete exam to find out why your energy keeps dropping.

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