Maximizing the Health Benefits of Sweat : The Powers of Infrared Sauna

sauna“Sweating to the oldies” is just one play on age- old exercise mantras, which tout the benefits of sweat.  As far as I’m concerned when I’m at my local Inferno…err I mean gym, taking a class that asks me to sweat more than I felt humanly possible, all I can think about is how much I hate sweating. But what if there was a way to get the benefits of sweating, in a less demanding, less public and dare I say, more relaxing manner. Well my friends, I’m here to tell you about Infrared Sauna.  

Infrared saunas employ the same rays that come from the sun but without the harmful effects of UV. In layman’s terms, the heat from infrared radiates only a little bit into the skin, so externally the environment of the sauna doesn’t get as hot  as a typical sauna, but still warms up the body enough to initiate awesome benefits.

What are these amazing benefits I’m hinting at? For starters, high temperatures lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation, which increases muscle recovery and decreases inflammation. Let’s not forget the wonders of the buzzword of the century “detoxification;” sweating releases toxins, and sweating it out in a sauna is way more luxurious than alongside a full-length mirror shouting your insecurities at you.

 Another benefit would be the heat, the body working to cool down the core temperature, burns calories. Typical use of an infrared sauna (forty minutes) burns up to 700 calories.

Not only are the health benefits powerful and real, the entire experience of a sauna is relaxing as a whole.

So whether you’re sweating to the oldies, new age, or a good book, head to your local wellness center and practice the calm, restorative act of sitting on a wooden bench, and sweating your butt off until you can fit in that bikini, decrease your inflammation and increase your circulation!


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