Natural Alternatives to Coffee

There have been many health benefits found for drinking coffee, but for some people, coffee makes them too jittery or unfocused. If coffee causes you more distraction than benefits, but you still need something to wake you up in the morning, try out these ideas.

Upbeat Music

Try changing your alarm to play some upbeat music as soon as you wake up. Listen to upbeat music while you get ready or eat, and you will naturally feel more awake. With the right music, you will be dancing and moving more, without even thinking about your pillow.

Drink More Water

The reason why you feel so groggy in the morning is not necessarily due to the lack of coffee in your diet. Instead, it can be due to dehydration. Throughout the night, your body loses a lot of water through perspiration and breathing. Start your morning with a glass of water before you drink or eat anything else. Some people swear by a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon while others need ice water in the morning to help wake them up. Either one will benefit you and rehydrate you.

Get Outside

While your morning schedule may seem a little time crunched, it is important to squeeze in a few minutes of outside time. Try eating your breakfast outside or taking a quick ten minute walk around the block. Being outside for a few minutes first thing in the morning can help wake you up. This is because the fresh air and the natural sunlight trigger your brain that it is morning time.

Eat the Right Fuel

Eating a bowl of sugary cereal first thing in the morning is not the right way to keep your energy levels going throughout the day. Instead, fuel your body with healthy fats and protein, such as eggs fried in grass-fed butter.

Engage Your Brain

Do your most brain-engaging activities first thing in the morning. This will really help you switch gears from sleeping to working. While you may not feel smart when you first wake up, many people actually find that their brains work better in the morning. Pick more active tasks, such as drawing, writing, and programming, as opposed to more passive activities such as responding to email or reading.

You can still have a great and productive morning even if you don’t have a typical cup of Joe. Try these tips out this week to see if they make a difference in your day.

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