Natural and Healthy Foods

The vast majority of us are always looking to find the most healthy foods.  Everything that we put into our bodies has an effect, so of course we only want to put the freshest and most natural food items we can.  You are what you eat couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you’re feeling sluggish or run down, it may have something to do with what you’re eating.  If you are getting sick all the time or feel under the weather, it could be thCherriese food you are consuming.

Check out some of the many healthy foods that you should be eating more of:

Water – are you keeping yourself adequately hydrated?  Water can promote weight loss and can help to combat cancer.

Cherries – these delicious fruit morsels can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and can help to protect your heart.

Oranges – This citrus treat can help to strengthen respiration and support your immune system.

Watermelon – This summertime fruit and picnic favorite helps to control blood pressure and helps protect the prostate.

Mushrooms – mushrooms make a great addition to many dishes.  They help lower cholesterol and kill bacteria.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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