Natural Facts About Artificial Flavors

When you peruse your favorite grocery store, you might see labels everywhere that claim their product is all natural.  But what does this really mean?  How “natural” are your naturally flavored potato chips anyway?  The truth may surprise you.

What it Means to be Have a Natural Label

ChipsNatural flavors can be chemically extracted from real foods.  These compounds are manipulated by scientists called flavorists, who engineer these flavors and then add them to packaged foods.

So if That’s Natural, What Does it Mean to be Artificial?

Artificial flavors are replicas of real foods.  However, there are no real foods involved in the process; artificial flavors are completely whole food-free.  These created flavors are more stable than natural flavors and are less expensive.  That is why they are in so many packaged foods.  Flavorists can create artificial flavors of any combinations they’d like.  They can make chips taste like candy or vice versa.

How to Choose Wisely

While both natural and artificial flavors have their ups and downs, it is important to take note of the entire product you are purchasing.  Packaged and preserved foods can be unhealthy even if they are naturally flavored.  Opt for healthy fresh foods when you have the choice.


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