Nontoxic Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

cleanYou may unwittingly be exposing your family to dangerous chemicals when you clean with the cleaners you find in stores. They are full of toxic substances and the kicker is that you don’t have to use them to get your home spic and span. There are many DIY cleaners you can make with simple ingredients from the store that are safe and effective. Here are a few suggestions for cleaners you may want to make yourself so you can ditch their noxious counterparts.

Alternative Ingredients

There are a few things you need to have on hand to mix up a batch of cleaner any time you need, and you probably already have them in your house! The two natural cleaning workhorses are baking soda and white vinegar, but you may also want to have some essential oils on hand and plenty of elbow grease. These homemade cleaners will work just as well as the store-bought kind, but you may have to work a little harder than you’re used to. It’s worth it, though, not only for your health but your wallet too!

Glass Cleaners

Instead of the blue stuff, because who on earth knows what they use to make it blue, you can use vinegar and water. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar you can add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender to give it a more pleasant scent. But, you’ll be glad you went with a more natural product when you child starts licking windows.

Recipe: Two tablespoons of vinegar to two cups of water and a few drops of essential oils if you want.

Odor Eliminator for Cloth

You can’t wash your couch and you may not always be able to take your curtains down to launder them and this is where odor eliminating sprays come in handy. You can make a DIY spray by using vodka (yes, really) or isopropyl alcohol and water. You also want to add a few citrus peels or 10 drops of essential oil. Just add it to a spray bottle and you can freshen things up in no time flat.

Recipe: Three ounces of Vodka and one to two cups of water, along with citrus peels or essential oil.

Scrubbing Bubbles

Citrus fruits are good to eat and great to clean with, though you probably shouldn’t do both at the same time. You can use lemons or grapefruits combined with kosher salt and you’ve just made a scrubber for the bathtub or sink that will leave it smelling fresh and will remove any built-up gunk. Just cut the citrus in half and liberally apply salt to it – then take a one way trip to Scrubtown. Don’t forget to rinse!

Recipe: One halved citrus fruit and enough salt to coat it. Easy peasy, literal lemon squeezy.

You can create all kinds of cleaning products yourself that are entirely natural and incredibly effective. Give them a try today!

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