Realistic Stress-Busting Tips to Help You Start The Year Right


You made it through the bulk of the holiday season, and as we approach the big end of the year celebration, it is important to remember that stress management can make or break your health and wellness. You want to start of the new year on the right foot, don’t you? Of course! We have just the thing to help you do that. Here are some realistic, simple, and effective ways to keep your stress in check and your goals in focus!

Think “Shoulders”

What do we mine by this? Well think about it…You have probably been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, standing in long lines at the store, driving here and there, wrapping presents, and when you do all of this you tend to tense up your shoulders. Notice all that tension built up now? Try to make a conscious effort to relax your shoulders back, and avoid shrugging or slouching. This can lead to chronic headaches and referred pain, so stop it before it starts by putting the focus on posture.

Do Some Deep Breathing

If you have tried deep breathing, you already know what a difference maker it is when it comes to anxiety and stress management. If you have been weary to give it a go, let this article be the sign you need to take the plunge! Deep breathing has been shown to have such powerful effects on the body physically, that the mental effects you seek in the first place are almost like an added bonus! Deep breathing exercises can reduce blood pressure, help regulate heart rate, and give you a sense of clarity and direction.  Start simple: breathe in through your nose slowly, and out through your mouth slowly, while closing your eyes and visualizing a peaceful location.

Be Nice

Seriously! Being nice is step number one on the road to a stress-free and happy life. Try giving back by volunteering your time somewhere it is severely needed. Give a gift to someone you don’t even know. Or just try this: flash a smile at someone while  you are walking down the street, cruising the mall, or in the elevator. These things help you move your focus from the negative things in life to the positive things, and they help you achieve a greater sense of gratitude and fulfillment. So don’t wait. Get out there and put that smile to work!


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Story Credit:  3 Stress-Busters That Will Help You Keep A Jolly Attitude This Holiday by Beth Ricanati, M.D.

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