Reasons Why Smiling Is More Healthy Than You Think

Smiling may be more powerful than you thought. I always thought that smiling was just a way of expressing how joyful you are, but it turns out that smiling can form other people’s opinions of you, can tell you long you are going to live and can affect the durability and happiness of your relationships. Check this out.

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How It Affects Other People’s Perceptions Of You

Did you know that if you smile often, other people are more likely to find you more trustworthy, sincere, competent and social compared to those who often frown? And get this- a study was done in which it was found that 70 percent of people find women more attractive when they are smiling then when they are wearing makeup. Cool!

It Can Bolster Your Relationships

Did you know that if you smile often you may be more likely to have a longer and more successful marriage? A study was done in which researchers looked into how prominent women’s smiles were in their yearbook photos and they found that the more prominent they were, the happier they were in their marriages at age 52. Conversely, women who were not smiling very big or not at all were five times more likely to be divorced! Crazy, right? The reason smiling is so important is because it’s linked to being more joyful, emotionally stable and optimistic; all of which are more likely to put you on a path for a healthy relationship.

You May Live Longer

A study looked at baseball players head shots and found that players who were smiling the most lived about two years longer than the average person and players who were not smiling lived an average of seven years less than the average person.

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