Say Goodbye to Anxiety

Anxiety is self-defeating. It causes opportunities to be sabotagede because of the negative perceptions people havAnxietye about what’s going on in their bodies. Everyone wants to feel self-assured and capable of accomplishing their goals, but many of us have a habit of standing in our own way. There are ways to rid yourself of anxiety that don’t involve trying to calm yourself down or giving into feelings of distress.  Choose to think of your jitters as excitement.  The following are ways to shift your awareness from negative feelings of doom and gloom to positive feelings of opportunity.

It’s All About What You Say To Yourself

Think of it this way: the same chemical reactions are going on in your body when you experience anxiety as when you experience excitement.  Your body is just in a heightened state.  Telling yourself you’re excited about a situation increases your self-confidence, allowing you to perform better because your focus is taken away from the negative, giving you room to ruminate on the positives of a situation. 

Don’t Try To Remain Calm

Your initial thought process may be to try to calm yourself down when you are anxious.  Deep breathing exercises, telling yourself that you are calm, or listening to a relaxation CD won’t work.  While these methods may be effective in a different situation, they don’t work when it comes to battling situational anxiety.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Even if you don’t feel good about a situation, reciting positive affirmations will help your brain internalize the emotion.  If you’re afraid to speak at that boardroom meeting next week, you have one of two choices.  You can say to yourself, “OK my body is in an intense state, I can freak out, sending myself down a negative spiral that will make the situation worse, or I can choose to tell myself that I am excited, so that I can make the most of this opportunity.”  

Let Yourself Soar

Anxiety is a part of life, and nothing is going to change that.  What you can change, however; is your perception of what’s going on inside of you.  The next time you go to that job interview or on a first date, instead of thinking how you are going to mess up the opportunity, think,”I am so excited about this potential good fortune.”

Positivity makes all the difference.  What you say to yourself has a huge impact on the way you feel.  Try to shift your awareness and use these suggestions and learned behavior to help you  with any potentially “anxious” situations.

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