Stellar Ways To Make Work Less Stressful And Gain Confidence

Work can be very stressful. We may try to get all of our work done and do it well, but we have a life outside of work that sometimes gets in the way. Some of us also have anxiety, so it makes it almost twice as hard to complete our tasks. If this sounds like you, then check out the following tips to help you stay calm, finish your work and build your confidence so that you feel good about the work you do.


1. Drink Less Coffee

Try to reduce your coffee intake because it can cause stress by making your blood pump faster. Drinking too much coffee can make your limbs shake and increase your anxiety. Are those side effects really worth it? Try out green tea to wake you up and keep you going throughout the day. Even better, grab a snack that is rich in proten so that you can stay properly nourished. Try almonds, peanut butter and banana, or a protein bar.

2. Communicate With Your Boss

Our bosses often give us insane workloads without realizing that they are piling task after task on top of us. One way to level with your boss about your crazy workload is by asking them to prioritize the tasks they’ve given you. Showing your boss how many tasks you need to have organized can often open their eyes to how much you are doing at the company.  If they still want you to increase your workload, say you will, but ask if you can put project B on hold for the time being. 

3. Don’t Go Overboard

Sometimes, our bosses can ask us to set our own deadlines. If you are lucky enough to get this opportunity, don’t waste it. Give yourself a more than realistic timeline, so that when you finish early, you will look like a champ in front of your boss! Be sure to make your deadline one that you can have the task completed by. If you make your deadline too soon, you will end up looking like you don’t understand your own pace and don’t take deadlines seriously.  

4 Surefire Ways To Build Confidence At Work

If you’re trying to gain confidence at work there are some great steps you can take. We can all feel insecure from time to time, but it’s important to feel good about your job so that you can perform to your highest ability. Check out these following great tips for building confidence at work.


1. Compete

The idea of competing with your coworkers could scare anyone. What if they think I’m mean? What if I do better than them and they don’t like me? These are the types of questions that will most likely run through your head. Stop! Put these silly questions out of your head and realize that a little dose of competition is a great way to instill more confidence within yourself and your abilities. 

2. Force Yourself To Ask Questions

Even though you may have heard the phrase “there is no such thing as a stupid question,” it can still be very hard to believe at times. Well when you do have a question it’s best to literally force yourself to ask it no matter how scared you are. Chances are that your question isn’t “stupid” because you wouldn’t be employed if you were an unintelligent person. Not to mention, asking questions is part of why this company probably hired you. A fresh pair of eyes to a familiar situation is something that all companies could benefit from. 

3. Stick To Your Guns

Being wishy-washy just isn’t going to cut it in the working world. If you are too afraid to speak up with your opinion, your employer will find someone who will. Trusting that you have something bring to the table is the best way to have confidence in your work ethic. 

4. Act

Having ideas is all well and good, but employers want people who are willing to take action. I am not telling you to burst into your office and start barking out orders. Instead, try asking somebody new to lunch or talking to your boss about a promotion. Taking risks opens the door for you to build confidence when they pay off in a big way. So, give yourself the chance to succeed by taking a risk.  


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