Stress and the Body – What Really Happens


Stress is a natural process that occurs in the body, in response to crisis situations or times of emergency. Sometimes the stress response can help us “kick into gear” and get things done, like meeting work deadlines or preparing for important events. But when we take on too much stress, it can end up having a negative effect on the body.

The Science

We have all heard of the fight or flight response that occurs in response to environmental stimuli. At one point in time, this was a valuable asset to our ancestors, who had to be prepared for mother nature and wild animals. Now, though, most of us are not faced with these kinds of life or death situations. The way the brain responds, though, is similar. It triggers the release of specific hormones that are meant to enhance our awareness, focus, and quick thinking. Epinephrine and cortisol are key for this to occur. But prolonged increase of cortisol levels can be harmful, and are linked with cardiovascular problems, sleeping disorders, weight gain, and diabetes.

The Situations

Unlike our ancestors, our stress response is not usually a life or death issue. Some of the biggest stressors modern day adults face include workplace difficulties, financial hardship, and relationship struggles. It is nearly impossible to avoid every stressful situation, but there are steps we can take to improve our response and overall health.

The Solution

Chiropractic care is usually recognized for its effective treatment of chronic pain and injury repair. But when done regularly and consistently, just like a regular workout regimen, chiropractic care can prepare you to combat stress and the physical effects it brings about. By correcting misalignments in the spine, chiropractic care helps enhance the nervous system, and allows the brain to communicate properly with the body, and vice versa.  In addition, it helps reduce the inflammatory response so our immune system can do what it does best. Chiropractic is an important piece of the stress intervention pie, and should be a part of a broad personal wellness plan.


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Story Credit: Chiropractic Benefits Include Solutions for Stress Relief Says Lexington Chiropractor by Globe Newswire

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