Stress-Shopping Has Become an Epidemic


It is no secret that stress runs rampant both in the United States and on a global scale. Work stress, relationship struggles, financial difficulty… these are just a few of the common stress-inducing culprits. But when stress rears its ugly head, what do you do to deal? Apparently, if you are like 91 percent of the general population, you shop ‘til you drop.  A recent study questioned 1000 stressed American adults on their coping habits. Women were more prone to stress shopping than men, but some of the other findings were especially intriguing, begging the question, “What are some legitimately effective ways we can cope with stress?”

Stress-Shopping Leads To…

…financial worries. Ironically, financial difficulty can be both the cause and effect of stress-shopping. The thrill of a new purchase temporarily relieves monthly bill paying worries, but when that huge credit card statement comes in the mail, the cycle starts over. In addition, the study found that people who stress-shopped were also more likely to stress-eat and stress-exercise, and have concerns about their weight. So what’s the lesson in all this data?

The Lesson Is…

…coping with stress must involve a deeper understanding of the cause of the stress. Surface-y solutions like shopping and eating provide a short-term solution. But identifying the root of the issue is key to long term health…and financial freedom. The study backed this conclusion up. Participants who said they did not shop to deal with stress also said they had less anxiety because they dealt with the actual problem.

Your Options Are…

…many! There are tons of great ways to deal with stress healthily. First, try to identify what is causing your stress. Evaluate your current lifestyle, and try asking yourself these questions to gain a deeper personal insight:

            – Has anything changed in my life recently?

            – Am I facing any new hardships at home or at work?

            – Am I sleeping well?

            – Have there been any changes in the state of my health lately?

Being honest with yourself is a huge asset to achieving wellness, so start there. Then try to find an outlet that works for you. Talk to a friend or family member regularly about what’s going on. Enlist the help of a professional therapist. Employ a healthier diet and exercise routine. Or just reach out. Stress does not need to take over your life. Healthy solutions are out there, and wellness is completely within your grasp.


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Story Credit: Retail Therapy: One In Three Recently Stressed Americans Shops To Deal With Anxiety By Carolyn Gregoire

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