The Benefits of Eating Fruit


Including fruit as a part of your healthy diet and lifestyle has long been an encouraged practice. Lately though, some critics have claimed that the sugar and carbohydrates present in fruits can contribute to weight gain. While fruit does indeed contain natural sugars, and more carbohydrates than vegetables, they still have a place in a your nutritional plan, and can bring benefits to the table that other foods cannot. Read on to learn more!

Fiber and Antioxidants and Water…Oh My!

Fruit is naturally high in both water and fiber. The water content makes the sugar less concentrated, and along with the fiber, it can help you feel fuller longer. Fiber also plays a crucial role in digestion, and when you can get it from a delicious piece of fruit instead of a cardboard cracker, you are doing pretty well. Fruit also contains a wide variety of antioxidants – the “troops” that fight against free radical chemicals in your body. Different families of fruit contain different antioxidants, so having a cup of melon in the morning and some fresh berries for dessert at night will work well to equip your body’s defense system.

Survey Says… Fruit Eaters Weigh Less

Research tends to show that individuals who regularly consume fruits weigh less than their non-fruit-consuming counterparts. While the science of it all is not completely understood, the experts feel that this could be due in part to the fact that fruit satisfies the “sweet tooth”, so the desire for high calorie desserts lessens.

Natural Energy and the Natural Glow

Fruit provides natural energy to sustain you throughout the day and through a tough workout, studies show. Eating a banana as opposed to drinking a sports drink provides antioxidants and nutrients that you can’t get elsewhere. Also, antioxidants ward off skin damaging free radicals, giving you clearer skin and that healthy looking glow.


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Story Credit: Fruit Isn’t Making You Fat, and Here’s Why By Cynthia Sass MPH, RD

Photo Credit: Fruit salad by Lisa Clarke. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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