The Weird & Wacky Ways We Ruin Perfectly Healthy Foods

The word “superfood” has been tossed around quite a lot over the past few years, and it almost loses its meaning whenever it is blurted out now. Much of this is due to the weird and crazy things that we do to try to spice up the food itself.

Here are just a few of the more common examples of healthy fruits and vegetables being labeled as a superfood, all while being packed into something that is extremely far from it.

Sweet Potato Fries– Take a step back and analyze the name of this delicious treat. The sweet potato is a great source of good fat, protein and is the ideal addition to any meal. However, when you fry anything, it takes away all the nutrients and replaces them with grease, oil and an elevated carbohydrate level. Still a much healthier option to the conventional French fry, with that said, your calories are still through the roof when you eat these. Stick to baking them if you’re looking for a fun way to eat them, otherwise eat them as you would a regular potato and reap the healthy benefits.

Yogurt Raisins– These may appear to be healthy, but the yogurt used to cover that fiber-filled and iron-laden raisin, is anything but healthy. If this is what you’re looking for, try making your own by using Greek Yogurt. The yogurt used in many of these store-purchased varieties are filled with sugar, additives and preservatives, many of which come in the form of harmful chemicals used to help the raisin have a longer shelf life.

Any Form of Protein Smothered in BBQ SauceI’m a fan of the grilled chicken breast, a nice juicy steak or even a bratwurst or three, but covering these great sources of protein in sugar and preservative-filled barbecue sauce, brings down not only the integrity of the meat, but the healthiness of it too. 

Fake BlueberriesYou may not even realize that the muffin or bagel you’re consuming is not filled with actual fruit, therefore making it a complete fake. Eat the real thing! Enough said. Fresh fruit always wins.

Artificially Flavoring WaterWhen the main ingredient is listed as “enhanced” and artificial flavorings and colorings, you should know right off the bat that it’s not overly healthy. If you want a tangy drink, why not drink actual fruit juice? Leave your water alone!


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