Tips For Better Summer Sleep


When it is hot, our bodies naturally struggle to fall asleep and then sleep soundly. That is why in past articles, we have discussed the importance of turning down the air conditioning before bed if you want to get to sleep with less trouble. But what are some other tips for sleeping better when the weather warms up? Here are some ideas. Let us know what you think!

Have a cold glass of:

milk or tea before you go to lay down for bed. Milk contains tryptophan – that chemical associated with sleepiness. And tea can help you relax and unwind. But don’t skimp on the ice! Making sure your drink is cold will help prevent you from waking up parched, and it will help keep your body temperature down longer.

Take a nice:

shower or bath before bed. Getting wet, even if it’s in hot water, can ultimately cool you off in the long run. And you will have an easier time falling asleep knowing you are all clean. Just be aware of the humidity if your bedroom is close to the bathroom. That’s what vents and fans are for!

Spread out a:

towel on your bed. After getting rid of heavy blankets and comforters, lay a towel down. This helps absorb sweat better than sheets, and will keep you cooler throughout the night.

Shed your:

clothes. Less is more during summer, so put away the long pants, and opt instead for shorts and tanks. While this is not an altogether shocking tip, many people are (surprisingly) reluctant to ditch their favorite PJ pants. But for the sake of more quality sleep, it may be justifiable and necessary.

Sleep in a:

different spot. Remember that heat rises, so if you’ve been tossing and turning in your upstairs master, try sleeping one night in the downstairs guest room and see what happens. Even moving your bed around so it gets more direct air conditioning access can make a huge difference.


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Story Credit: 6 ways to sleep when it’s super hot By Paula Spencer Scott

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