Warm Weather and its Effects on the Body

Sun Grass

The temperature plays a big role in how our bodies function. Many people with joint problems and/or arthritis migrate to warm weather climates, because colder weather can cause excess stiffness and pain.

When the temperature shifts from cold to hot, though, several things can happen that contribute to injury and inflammation. Because weather can have such an impact on health, and because summer is here, it is worth exploring the way heat affects the body – both in regards to joints, and to overall wellbeing.

Allergy Season In Bloom

Warm weather brings about the bloom of many allergy-inducing plants and flowers. This can cause an inflammatory response in the body, and while seasonal allergies are relatively harmless, they can be quite bothersome and can lead to sinus problems. Seasonal allergies might peak when the plants start blooming, but they will dwindle over time. If you seem to get the sniffles in May or June, this could be the culprit.

Getting Out To “Play”

Despite the increase in temperature, summer undoubtedly leads a lot of people to the outdoors. Activities like swimming, hiking, camping, or going to the beach are popular pastimes. And if you and your joints have been relatively sedentary during the colder months, springing in to action when it warms up can lead to strains and injury. It is important to ease into the process. Stretch out. Take part in a regular chiropractic regimen. Receiving adjustments from a chiropractor is something that can reduce your risk of injury.

The Heart and the Heat

Simply being in the heat puts more stress on your heart. When you are sweating, your body loses water and you can quickly become dehydrated if you are not replacing both water and electrolytes. Electrolytes are crucial to healthy heart function, so if you are exerting yourself in the heat, be cautious and keep fluids nearby.

These effects don’t need to limit how much fun you have during summer. It is a great time to be out and about if you take the time to be aware of your health and take the necessary precautions to avoid injury or issue.


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Story Credit: When summer activity brings on joint pain By Dr. Kevin Witte

Photo Credit: sun grass by David DeHetre. Used under a Creative Commons license.


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