Ways to Change Your Life in a Minute

clockSometimes things in your life that seem challenging, can be changed by a new perspective.  Taking just one minute a day to implement a few changes, can be a big step in simplifying your life and making positive changes.

Cut Your Plate In Half

Not literally, but these days portions are just too big.  If you think about it next time you serve yourself, give yourself half of what you would normally. You are less likely to overeat if you don’t overload your plate.  If you’re eating out at a restaurant, eat half and take the rest home for another time.


People waste a lot of time on social media, so give yourself a break and log out of your social media accounts after each use.  That way, you’re less likely to open them up if you’re just bored.  It’ll be a freeing experience!


Most people own too much stuff and before long that stuff can end up owning them.  Each day take one thing you don’t need and put it in a donation pile and at the end of the week find your nearest donation center.  It’ll make you feel better and you are helping someone who really needs those things.

Learn a Joke

Find a joke you like and practice it once a day so that you can pull it out next time you’re with friends.  Laughing makes everyone’s lives a little better.

Let Someone Cut

Next time you’re standing in a line, or waiting in a line in your car, let someone go in front of you just because.  It’s a surprisingly feel-good experience.


Dental hygiene is important and it’s ok to be honest – you probably don’t remember to floss every day, do you?  No worries!  Just take a minute each day to floss and think how happy you’ll be to be 85 with all of your teeth one day.


Do you take time to do something nice for yourself each day and read a little bit?  From a real book?  Try it!  Dust off that old poetry collection or Shakespeare’s sonnets and read for a few minutes.  It’s a great way to give your brain a treat!

Get a Mantra

Everyone freaks out from time to time about something, and having a mantra on hand will help.  Next time you’re stuck in traffic say “Loose like a goose” or if your kid is having a meltdown in the grocery store “Be cool”.  Saying these things to yourself can help you to take a minute to refocus and therefore keep your cool.

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