What Do Your Sleeping Patterns Say About Your Relationship?

bedThere are definite nonverbal communications exchanged in a relationship between you and your partner.  But have you ever considered that it may be smart to analyze the way you and your significant other sleep when sharing a bed?  There are some sweet and not so sweet indicators of the health of your relationship.  

Back to Back

This is when both partners sleep with their backs facing each other’s, but their bottoms are touching.  This can signify attraction, but also a sense of autonomy.  This is said to be healthy by researchers maybe because each partner has their own identity but still chooses to be in the relationship.   

The Bridge

This position may be a bit awkward, but people sometimes use it.  It’s when the partners are embracing each other but one partner places his or her leg over the front of the other person’s body.  Most likely the partner who places this leg over the other is the more outspoken one, who calls most of the shots in the relationship.   Believe it or not, research says that this is a very healthy position in terms of a relationship.  It says it shows “openness and involvement” between both of the partners.

The Freeze

This position is similar to the back to back position but instead of the bodies touching, the partners are distanced on the opposite corners of the bed.  This can certainly give a disconnected feel.  There may be unresolved issues or resentment between one or both of the partners.

The Spoon

This sleeping position is just like it sounds, you’re literally sleeping as two spoons would lay in a cupboard together, one behind the other.  Adorable right? This shows closeness and tenderness between both partners.  This position is most common between people who have been in a relationship for just one to five years.  This position is healthy according to researchers.  

There you have it, the different sleeping positions. It may be fun and interesting to analyze your partner’s sleeping position.  Maybe there are some unresolved issues, or maybe you’re sweet spooners who have been together for 20 years-keeping the love alive!


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