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Welcome to The Joint – Aurora, Southlands! As your local chiropractor in Aurora, CO, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from back pain, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic’s natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

How We Can Help

Whether you are familiar with chiropractic care or this is your first time, you can expect your visit to The Joint to be new and different from any healthcare experience you’ve had before. Perhaps even life-changing.

Here is a quick and easy way to see what makes The Joint …the chiropractic place the perfect chiropractic destination:

  • Conveniently Located
  • Open Nights & Weekends
  • No Appointment required
  • No Insurance Hassles / Requirements
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plans
  • Licensed Chiropractors & Chiropractic Physicians

Our chiropractic services offer you and your family a quality, affordable, convenient and accessible healthcare solution. Chiropractic assists in eliminating and relieving the days of shoulder, neck and back pain as well as many other “symptoms” you may be experiencing. So whatever your ailments may be, visit our Aurora chiropractic office, because your overall health is our business. And remember, you never need an appointment to visit The Joint so stop in when it is convenient for you. See you soon!

Our Doctors

Dr. Sarver

Before becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Sarver served in active duty as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. While in the Marines he won awards for achieving first class physical fitness tests. After an honorable discharge Dr. Sarver earned his bachelors of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University. He worked at the CSU recreational center as a certified personal trainer helping his clients meet their short and long term goals. While obtaining his prerequisites for Chiropractic College Dr. Sarver also worked as a Colorado state licensed certified nurse aide. Dr. Sarver noticed that he was helping people who had already begun to develop the disease process. He then realized that the Chiropractic model is to prevent the disease process from beginning by allowing the body to achieve its maximal potential by being “subluxation” free.

Dr. Sarver graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas in 2008. At Parker he participated in an internship with the Dallas Veterans Affairs Hospital providing Chiropractic care to our armed service’s veterans. While working as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Colorado Dr. Sarver has had the privilege to several informal internships with Denver Pain Management and with Dr. Robert Bess orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Shane Bartels

Dr. Shane Bartels utilizes a natural, hands on, comprehensive approach to optimize his patients’ health. He uses diversified chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, specialized muscular modalities, and patient education to treat the whole person in a caring, individualized way. Dr. Bartels believes in identifying and correcting the root cause of your symptoms in order to heal the body instead of simply masking symptoms. He desires to help his patients move away from the current health model of disease care to a health promotion model, preventing pain and disease before they occur. Dr. Bartels believes our bodies were meant to do more than merely survive, but to thrive and reach the health potential it was designed for.

Shane received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon and a BS in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. His passion for understanding the complex human physiology and providing his patients with the best evidence-based therapies keep Dr. Bartels constantly reading, researching and developing new skills. He and his wife Kelly recently moved back to Colorful Colorado from the great Northwest and are enjoying every sunny moment.

(303) 835-9783
24300 E Smoky Hill Rd, Suite 136
Aurora, CO 80016

The best way to contact us is via phone (see above), then email via

Did You Know?

Routine chiropractic care can provide management and relief for the following:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Shoulder and Elbow Pain
  • Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Leg Pain (Sciatica)
  • Chronic Injuries
  • And More!

Chiropractic may also help:

  • Improve Nervous System Function
  • Relieve Prenatal Discomfort
  • Increase Vitality and Improve Quality of Life
  • Provide Preventative Care
  • Improve Overall Health and Wellness for both Children and Adults

Friendly Tips for Your Chiropractic Visit

How to get the most out of your Aurora chiropractic visit:

  1. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.
  2. Write down a list of your problem areas (lower back pain, any sports injury, stiffness, etc.)
  3. Include any accidents that you may have been in (car accidents, falls, sports accidents, etc.)
  4. Include any persistent problems (sleep difficulty, headaches, neck pain, soreness, etc.)
  5. Include any health conditions and any surgeries you have had.
  6. In other words, tell your chiropractor about all of your health conditions so that he can help you best.


In other words, tell your chiropractor all about your lifestyle and health conditions so that they can tailor your chiropractic care to maximize your health goals.

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Testimonials & Reviews
5 / 5 stars
Awesome people, awesome service. At the moment I cannot think of anything to help you improve your services. Thank you. A grateful,
Tom H.
9/30/2014 12:03:50 AM
The Joint …the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
My family and I see Dr. Sarver and we love coming in. The frequency is perfect to keep us happy and his work is wonderful. He is detailed oriented and kind. We love coming out there despite it being further than other locations. Thank you!
Ana L.Aurora
9/18/2014 4:58:30 PM
The Joint …the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
Hey Guys, I just wanted to give Dr. Shane Bartels a sincere thank you regarding my session with him yesterday. Not only did he spend a significant amount of time with me going over all my symptoms and explaining what was going on, he also educated me as to why. It’s extremely tough to get a doctor these days that will spend enough time with a patient going through all their symptoms and medical history to figure out how to best treat that patient. Dr. Shane went above and beyond with me and answered many questions I’ve had for years. As far as my session itself, it was spectacular. I have had a limp for some sort of improper gait for a couple of years due to a bad car accident. I injured my lower back bad enough that my right calf muscle was showing atrophy. Instantly after my session, I was walking almost normally which is something I have been unable to do for years. It was unbelievable. I played baseball with my sons and rode bikes with my daughters around the neighborhood last night, something I haven’t been able to do for years without significant pain, if at all. Anyways, consumers and patients always seem to find time to write letter when they have a bad experience, but I had such an exceptional experience with Dr. Shane I wanted him and your entire organizations to know how grateful I am for his exceptional patient service, and the spectacular quality of care I received at your establishment. As a funny side note, I walked into two previous chiropractors before yours yesterday, and waited long enough to even be talked to that I walked out to go elsewhere. The initial customer service I received, along with Dr. Shane’s exceptional overall treatment has earned you a patient for life. Thanks again for the exceptional customer service. Sincerely, Clarke
Clarke V.Aurora
9/10/2014 4:59:20 PM
The Joint …the chiropractic place