10 Reasons You Need Sea Salt More Than Table Salt

Sea salt is trendy nowadays, but that’s not why you should switch.

You need to replace your table salt with sea salt because the latter comes naturally from the sea, with no processing to kill the nutrients or alter its composition. Sea salt contains essential trace minerals that your body craves, while iodized table salt is a throwback to the 1950s.

Read the benefits below and run to your grocery store to pick up some sea salt immediately. It will make your body healthy and your taste buds happy. Buy the coarse variety for maximum purity and crush the crystals into fine granules yourself.

Here are 10 good reasons to make the switch:

Immune System

Sea salt helps strengthen your immune system to fend off fevers, flus, colds and autoimmune disorders. Try asking your table salt to do that.

Fights Acid

Sea salt is more alkalizing to the body than iodized salt, because it hasn’t been treated with heat or additives. It can neutralize acidity in the body which lowers your risk of life-threatening diseases.

Weight Loss

Sea salt can be an important tool in your weight-loss arsenal because it helps create digestive juices that speed up your metabolism and keep your digestive tract healthy.

Great Skin

A bathtub steeped in sea salt is a blessing for sufferers of dry, itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis. It opens up your pores and stimulates collagen to make you skin glow.


Sea salt has been proven effective in slowing the production of phlegm in your respiratory system, so you can breathe easy knowing that sea salt has no side effects.

Healthy Heart

Salt water can help reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, so it’s an excellent protection against atherosclerosis and heart disease.


Sea salt is a blessing for diabetics because it helps maintain proper sugar levels in the body. By substituting regular salt with sea salt, a diabetic will require less insulin.


Osteoporosis is not an inevitable rite of passage of aging; it is completely preventable. Our bones store sodium to keep them strong. When it lacks salt, the body takes sodium from the bones, leaving them vulnerable to osteoporosis.

Spasms and Cramps

Sea salt is a source of potassium which contributes to muscle health, and also helps you absorb the potassium quickly. As a result, your sea salt diet can help prevent muscle cramps and pain.


Perhaps the best reason of all to switch to sea salt: your happiness. Sea salt helps boost your supply of melatonin and serotonin, two vital hormones that help you fight stress, sleep better and stave of depression.


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