2 Dangerous Things Sugar Is Doing To Your Body


Sugars, especially those of the added variety, are pretty bad for your health. That much is common knowledge by now– but just how bad is bad? Well, when it’s consumed as frequently as we consume it, let’s just say it goes from bad to worse. Take an in-depth look at three damaging things sugar does to your body below, courtesy of The Sugar Smart Diet:

1. Sugar tightens your blood vessels

Did You Know? Extra sugars lead to extra insulin floating through your bloodstream, which taxes your body’s primary circulatory transportation outlets– your arteries. Having high insulin levels for a long period causes your smooth muscle cells surrounding your blood vessels to grow quicker than they should, The Sugar Smart Diet declares. This brings about tense blood vessel walls, which can directly stick you on the road to higher blood pressure and greater stroke and heart attack risks.

What To Do: Don’t be fooled by all those processed “whole grain” products on store shelves today; when whole grain flour is made, wheat kernels are essentially smashed to smithereens. When it’s ultimately eaten, it forces glucose increases in our bodies much like what happens when we consume white flour, table sugar, or even high-fructose corn syrup. The type of whole wheat bread usually used for sandwiches and white bread, are both digested at roughly identical rates, explains Sugar Smart Diet author Anne Alexander. Furthermore, it also leads to about the same increase in your blood glucose measurements– therefore making it so your body needs to use about the same amount of insulin to rid your bloodstream of glucose, she finishes.

2. Sugar causes cholesterol catastrophes.

Did You Know? There is a surprising link between cholesterol and sugar, too: recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association realized that even healthy people who consumed the most amount of added sugars, endured the greatest rise in bad cholesterol levels, as well as harmful triglyceride blood fats. Also, they showed extremely low amounts of good (HDL) cholesterol levels. A prevailing theory is that sugar could awaken your liver into sending out more bad cholesterol components when it’s consumed in excess– and it could also be weakening your body’s natural ability to get rid of it!

What To Do: Consume a breakfast rich in protein. Don’t skip breakfast, as doing so makes you about four-and-a-half times more likely to get obese. Consuming breakfast also helps you maintain your blood sugar levels. In fact, when overweight women consumed protein-filled eggs instead of a bagel, they consumed roughly 160 fewer calories naturally at the following lunchtime, a recent study found.

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