3 Life Lessons You Should Teach Your Children

In honor of Mother’s Day last week, here are some tips from a mother who helped her child to thrive and accomplish her dreams. These are some wondeful lessons you can teach your own children, as well as apply them to your own life.


1. Find Your Passion

Find out what you love to do and nurture that talent. If you love to paint, take weekly classes and focus on getting better, having fun and nurturing that part of your spirit. And always know that you have the option to try different activities out. 

2. Frequently Ask Yourself, “Why Not?”

This question can be incredibly empowering. It can ignite the spirit and allow you to chase after your dreams. Oftentimes people ask themselves, “how am I going to do this? So few people make it in this field.” Although hard work goes into making your dreams come true, believing you can do it is half the battle. I remember watching the movie Fame, and an actor in it was an aspiring rapper speaking to his mother about achieving his dreams. His mother didn’t think that he could make it because of the number of people who were also trying to make it in the field. Her son’s response to her views on the matter were spot on. He said, “If somebody’s gotta make it out there, why can’t it be me?”

3. Know That It’s OK To Make Mistakes (In Fact It’s Encouraged)

Making mistakes is the way to find out who you are and become the best version of yourself. Sometimes parents try to shield their children from making mistakes because it’s hard to see them get hurt and fail, but this is the only way for them to to learn, grow and deal with the world in the best way that they can.


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