3 Reasons to Put The Cell Phone Away


Want to know some interesting statistics about cell phone use and texting? According to research, of all cell phone users under the age of 30, a whopping 97 percent of them text every day. Jump to the next age bracket (30 to 49), and the percent barely declines to 92. In the 50 to 64 age group, 72 percent of all cell phone users text on the daily. In summary, texting is popular, and cell phone use in general is something the majority of the population embraces, regardless of age. Cell phones are convenient. They can be helpful and even lifesaving. But sometimes we take their usage/purpose to the extreme. Here are three real reasons why you should cool it on the cellular:

It Hoards Your Attention

When you obsess over all things social media, news updates, notification, and alerts, you tend to miss out on some of life’s most important things. Relationships in particular take a big hit from too much cell phone use. It affects your communication and your ability to be fully engaged. So next time you are at family dinner, hanging at home with your kids, or speaking with a friend or coworker, pocket the cell phone completely.

It Limits Your Enjoyment

Kind of continuing the point made in tip number one, too much cell phone use limits your ability to enjoy things. If you are on vacation, or even just trying to soak up the weekend, keeping your cell phone nearby can be a downfall. All it takes is that one email from your boss, or that news alert about the latest market ups and downs, and you lose your ability to concentrate on the now and relax.

It Hurts Your Productivity

If you really want to get things done, put your phone to the side and designate a time to check it. By doing this, you can churn out work or check off to-do list tasks without the constant barrage of social media updates or app/gaming compulsions. Just set it aside and forget it for the time being. Separating your time in this way helps you be efficient and on point.


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Story Credit: 7 Reasons To Take A Texting Sabbath Today by Huffington Post

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