3 Unlikely Places To Zen Out

There are many unlikely places that we can practice relaxation and be fully present in the moment. The trick is to sneak these times in during the day so that we can preserve our mental and physical health. Check out these unlikely spots to get your zen in.zen

1. The Bathroom Stall

The bathroom stall may be one of the only places where you are guaranteed to be completely alone. So as soon as you get in, close your eyes and take a deep breath. This exercise works even better when you’re sitting on the toilet (feel free to use toilet seat covers) and your feet flat on the floor. If you hear the toilet  flushing in other stalls, imagine them being the calming sounds of a waterfall.

2. The Shower

In the shower, you can knock out two birds with one stone, as you are getting physically and mentally clean. Think of your showers as being your time, much like a day at the spa would be. Here’s the trick: you need to be mindful through the showering process. Be aware of the need to set the temperature of the water before you step into the shower. Be mindful of the smell of your soap or shower gel and of the thoughts in your head. Whether they are about past or future events. Be aware of the amount of water you’re using and the sound of the water coming to an end.

3. On A Park Bench

Being on a park bench allows you to have a sort of meditative experience outdoors. It’s a double bonus. The outdoors gives you a tranquil feel and being on a park bench allows you to experience the sounds of birds chirps and children playing. This is enough to rejuvenate you in no time. 



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