3 Ways To Date Healthily After A Breakup

After a painful breakup, we can be left feeling insecure and depressed. Although we need time to heal from the relationship, there comes a time when we may want to put ourselves out there again and it may not be a terrible idea to do so even if we are not 100 percent over our ex. The reason for this is that sometimes we feel like our love life is hopeless after a split, but dating can make us feel more in control of our lives. Check out the follwoing helpful ways to navigate dating in a healthy way.


1. Focus On Your Date

When you’re on a date, take your focus off of your own pain and ask your date questions about them, while really listening to their answers.  You need to be willing to learn something new about someone else; this can open you up to a new experience and actually take your mind off of the depression.

2. Don’t Make Dating The Center Of Your Universe 

You may be feeling self-conscious and depressed if your date doesn’t go all that well. The trick is to make sure that you’re not thinking of dating as the most important thing in your life. Instead, fill your time with hobbies, friends, family and learning new things. This way if a date goes bad, it’s just one person it didn’t work out with and one aspect of your life.

3. Try Not To Seek Reassurance In Your Date

When we’re feeling depressed, it’s all too easy to seek approval and reassurance from those we are dating. We many think that if they confirm that we are worth loving, then we can finally feel good about ourselves. But that’s just not how self-esteem works because no one can make you feel good about yourself other than you. And seeking constant reassurance from your dates is a turn off and will likely scare them off. Instead, you can be observant of the way your dates treat you and if they want to spend time with you and get your reassurance that way; a lot of people communicate through their actions.

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