4 Foods to Help You Get More Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrient that we all need. It keeps our bones and teeth healthy, and provides our body with basic strength. When we don’t get enough calcium, we are at risk for brittle nails and teeth, osteoporosis, and other unwanted side effects. So how can you make sure you are getting enough of this essential nutrient?

Take a look at these four foods to add to your diet that will help you soak in more calcium.


This is the most obvious place to get calcium. Milk, especially whole milk, is very high in calcium. This is why they used to have those commercials claiming milk to be a miracle bone builder. Milk is easy to add to your diet as well. You can drink milk by itself, cook it into multiple meals, or blend it up with fruit and veggies for a delicious shake.


The superfood strikes again. This food is seriously amazing, and the healthy benefits that it can bring just continue to grow. Kale, and other leafy greens such as spinach and collard greens, contain high amounts of calcium. Kale will be slightly more difficult to add to the diet than milk, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. Just add some leafy bits to your salad, or bake them into some delicious kale chips. You can even add them to some fruits and veggies (and milk!) and make a superfood shake.


Figs are a little more difficult to find in some areas, but they are a great food for getting more calcium. If you can’t seem to find fresh figs, look for fig newtons. These will be in the cookie or cracker aisle at your local grocer. If you can find the fresh kind, you can eat them raw, make them into a pie or cake, or try some new and exciting recipes that can be found with the click of a button.


If you want more calcium, just peel an orange. This healthy fruit brings many benefits to the table, and calcium is definitely one of them. Add an orange to breakfast, use it as a snack, or chop them up and add them to a fruit salad. Oranges are a delicious and incredibly simple way to get a little more calcium in your diet with very little effort.

Build a healthy diet, and you can build healthy bones and teeth in the process. This list gives you lots of options, so if you don’t like a certain type of food, you have other choices available. If all else fails, get yourself a supplement. Getting enough calcium is important, so make it a priority in your diet and your life, and reap the healthy benefits.

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