4 Stellar Ways To Increase Your Focus

Many of us can have trouble focusing at work and throughout the day. Although there may be some days where it feels next to impossible to refocus ourselves, there are great ways to do so that allow us to produce great work and be present. Check out the following healthy tips to help you thrive.

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1. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination can lead to anxiety and a sense of overwhelm. When stress sets in, it can be even harder to focus. So make it a priority to perform your specific tasks in a timely manner. You can self-motivate by having some delicious green tea and snacks present at your desk to provide you with some indulgences when you need to focus on the boring stuff.

2. Write Things Down

I forget things all of the time and find that writing things down is my only way to ensure that I get my important tasks done. Without having my notes, I would forget half of the things I need to do. So keep a notebook with you daily and you can even list your tasks in order of importance.

3. Make Time For Pleasurable Activities

Try to make time for joy everyday. Doing so can keep you from getting burnt out and loosing focus when you need to be deeply connected to a task. So plan dinner with friends, go to yoga classes, or do whatever hobbies interest you.

4. Take Breaks

We all need to take breaks in order to function optionally and be able to focus well. You can do some light stretches, catch up at the water cooler with your coworkers, or walk around your building a couple of times. Do whatever you need to do to regain some of your focus.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health related advice.

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