Attitude Adjusters and Mood Makeovers


Ever find yourself in a mental rut? If you have been feeling drained lately or soaking in negative vibes, we have some tips to kick start you on the train to Happy Town. If that cheesy reference wasn’t enough, read on to get started today!

Get Some Sun

It is summer after all, so this one shouldn’t be too difficult to check off your list.  Getting outside for a little sunlight can help you get your Vitamin D levels on point. If you are running low, changes in mood can be the first signs. So take a little walk, have a chat with the neighbors over the fence, or take a ride with the windows down.


Giving back through volunteerism is a great way to improve your mental outlook. Not only will it remind you of all the great things you have, but it will also help you find personal value through making a difference in the life of someone who needs it. And in addition to improving your own attitude, you can bet you’ll improve the mental wellbeing of whomever you lend a hand to.


Dancing can be great exercise, and can release those feel good endorphin hormones into your blood stream, which will improve your mood quicker than you realize. In addition, the music you dance to can play a role as well. Fun, upbeat stuff will get you moving and grooving until you’ve completely forgotten why you were in a sour mood to begin with.

Write Something

Journaling can help you get out on paper whatever is bothering you and affecting your mood. By simply visualizing your thoughts, you can understand them more clearly, and there is an element of relief that comes with spilling your guts. If you don’t feel like writing a tell-all, try a little short story or something similarly creative. Creative expression is basically an anti-depressant in and of itself, so give it a try and see what happens!


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Story Credit:16 Ways to Change Your Attitude By Ali Swank

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