Fun Activities That Are Also Good For You


Fun is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. While it might not get as much recognition as exercising and eating right, enjoying yourself, laughing, and smiling are crucial to mental wellness, which plays a big role in physical health. And while there are tons of things to do for fun, the ones below actually come with health benefits as well, so give them a try!

Try Muscle Relaxation

Muscle relaxation is a calming activity that will provide you with mental clarity and a new sense of contentment and happiness. Try the progressive form, where you start with your toes and work your way up all the way to your eyebrows. Flex each muscle group for a few seconds then release and move on. The end result should be invigorating, and it can also lower stress levels and help people cope with depression.

Do Arts and Crafts

Even if arts and crafts are not your thing, the repetitive motions involved in activities like painting, knitting or making jewelry can produce anxiety-fighting benefits.  In addition, they can help sharpen your motor skills, and provide you with time to think, socialize, or problem solve – all while creating something great.

Get a Night Out

Everyone needs a night out every now and then with friends or family. And for good reason: socializing and talking with others is stress relieving and good for mental wellness. Relating to people and listening to what others have to say help us establish feelings of companionship. These positive experiences ward off the stress response and anxiety of the day to day.

Listen to Music

Music is powerful. Calming, instrumental music can produce relaxation responses in the body. Fun, fast paced music can make you want to dance and leads to a release of endorphins. The relationship between music and emotions is strong, so incorporate more of it into your life and experience the mental benefits.


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Story Credit: 20 Scientifically-Backed Ways To De-Stress Right Now by Meredith Melnick

Photo Credit: Music by Brandon Geisbrecht. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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