Healthy Things To Do For Your Partner

You may have had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your partner and maybe it has inspired you to show them how much you appreciate them.  Consider doing little things for your them instead of grand gestures. Research shows that people feel more appreciated when their significant other does small things for them to show they care.  Appreciation is thought to be vital to having a happy and healthy relationship; it can make it more likely to flourish and be free of stress and anxiety.  Consider utilizing some of the following tips.  

I Think You’re Funny


-Consider retweeting something funny that your partner posted; this shows that you find them humorous and are interested in what they have to say.

-Emulate something funny that you think your partner does, and do it in a joking manner.  This always brings people lots of laughs and shows your partner that you pay attention to the little things they do.

Thinking Of You

-DVR their favorite TV show

-Say nice things about them to others when you know they’re listening.  

-Wake up 10 minutes early so that you can brew them coffee and bring it to them in bed.

-Post a throwback thursday picture of you two together; even if you haven’t been together for very long, just post a favorite memory.  

I Got Your Back

-It can make your partner feel good when you back them up when they’re in a debate with someone.  Make sure the argument isn’t on a super serious topic though.

-Listen to them when they’re speaking; block everything else out and be completely non judgemental.  

-Be there for them when they’re upset.  Sincerely ask them what’s wrong and offer advice to help.

Consider doing these things for your partner on the regular.  It’s sure to make your relationship healthier and happier.



Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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