Here is How to Make the Most of Your Sunday Night

Call it whatever you want: Sad Sunday, Pre-Monday, the calm before the storm. No matter the name you assign to it, that Sunday night gloomy feeling is in fact a reality for many people, and Americans specifically report that the pre-work week feeling sinks in strong. A recent international poll found that 78 percent of participants experience the Sunday night blues, and in the United States, 59 percent of those people claimed they experience them severely. While the weekend should be a time of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment, it has now (thanks in part to technology and the “remote” office) evolved into an anxiety-laden time of anticipating work pressure and checking email. So how can you realistically combat this feeling, and take back the weekend for yourself? Here are two tips that have a big impact!

Leave Work at Work

While this one may be more difficult to follow through with for business owners or the self-employed, leaving work at work on Friday afternoon and leaving it there until Monday morning is one of the best things you can do for your health and sanity. Tell important clients or coworkers that you will respond to any weekend emails on Monday, and consider setting up an auto-response on your email and work phone.  Having two days work-free every week is not the crime it has seemingly been labeled as in today’s ever-connected world. Unplug and enjoy time with family, a day trip, or a round of golf.

Have Something Exciting Planned for the Week

Another great way to avoid that sinking Sunday night feeling is to have something to look forward to during the week. This will make the weekend-to-week transition easier. It can be anything fun! Maybe you plan a game night with friends. Maybe you lock in on a new Fall TV series. Maybe you schedule a massage after work. Whatever it is, the anticipation for the fun will make all the not-so-fun stuff seem more bearable.


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Story Credit: The Sunday Night Blues Are Real — Here’s How To Beat Them by Laura Schocker

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