How Enjoying Down Time Helps You Enjoy Work


Do you enjoy what you do for a living? People who find satisfaction in their jobs tend to enjoy greater health and happiness in their personal lives as well. But did you know that this seems to work in reverse too? People who make the most of their down time are more likely to find greater happiness in the workplace.  So how can you make those off hours count and live your life to the fullest? Here are some easy ways to get started!

Stay Active

Staying active and getting regular exercise is very important for attitude, which clearly impacts your workplace experience. One study found that a whopping 87 percent of workers believe wholeheartedly that working out improves happiness and mood. Exercise can also be an effective stress management strategy, and the less you stress, the more you can bring to the table at work. So make exercise a priority either before or after work, so that those hours at work will really count.

Enjoy Relationships

Engaging in interactions and relationships outside of work helps people feel fulfilled and satisfied, which transfers back into the workplace, according to research. Individuals with healthy family relationships and social ties tend to enjoy better health and better overall positivity than individuals who isolate often.

Eat Well And Be Balanced

People who avoid fad diets and instead focus on eating whole, natural foods experience more consistent moods and less irritability, according to research. This absolutely translates to the workplace. Think about this: if you haven’t eaten carbs – your body’s favorite source of energy – in a week, you are likely going to blow up on a coworker or be miserable and obsessive during the work day. Avoid this by focusing on a wellness lifestyle consisting of balance and moderation. Respecting your body helps you respect others and bring your A-game to the workplace.

Get Enough Sleep

This one is huge. If you are consistently lacking in sleep, you will experience the effects on both a physical and mental level. Physically, your lethargy will prohibit you from being productive at work. And mentally, your focus will take a hit and you won’t be able to efficiently contribute. So strive to get those precious 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Making this happen gives you a huge boost up when it comes to happiness and satisfaction.

Be Grateful

Being grateful for what you have is one of the best things you can do to experience satisfaction in all areas of your life. Remember that there is always room for growth and improvement, but don’t forget to appreciate where you are at in life and make the most of the now. Try doing a gratitude journal: list 5 new things every morning that you are grateful for. See how this little exercise impacts your happiness.


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Story Credit: 5 Tips for Increasing Your Workplace Happiness by Lindsay Olson

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