How Self-Esteem is Linked to Overeating

junk foodIt is so important to eat healthy.  What we eat is like fuel for our bodies, either helping us our hindering us in our performance.  What is interesting is that the way we eat can be directly linked  to our self-esteem and how much we value ourselves.  So if you’re constantly eating unhealthy foods, it’s likely that you don’t value yourself very much.  Take a look at the following health tips to help eat better and feel better.

My old roommate who is very into fitness and nutrition was telling me that she makes it a point to notice when she is not making mindful decisions when it comes to food.  “I don’t just want to grab whatever’s in the cupboard, I want to choose what I eat wisely,” she said.  When she said that, I instantly knew she was someone who loves herself because she chooses to take care of herself and is disciplined enough to make decisions that nurture her.  

So how do we gain this sense of self-worth?  It can be tough I know.

It can be so hard to take care of ourselves nutritionally and emotionally when we’re not feeling good about ourselves. That’s when we reach for the junk food and sugary drinks and then in turn, we feel worse about ourselves and the cycle continues.  So instead of grabbing horrible foods, try to meditate, taking long breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Try to breathe using your abdomen and well, so as you breathe in, your stomach should expand and when you breathe out it should come in.  Do this about four times.  When we meditate we can become mindful of why we are eating unhealthy foods or overeating.  Maybe we’re depressed, maybe we’re lonely, maybe we’re insecure.  Whatever it may be, we need to define it and remedy the real problem in order for us to feel better.

You can try this as well: If you decide to eat with your friends or family, you can talk about where the food you’re eating comes from, the texture of it, who made it.  This can help you to become aware of what you’re eating, and think about why you made that food choice.  It is advised to sit down and eat your meal on a table, no matter what you’re eating. Take in everything you’re eating and eat slow.  This can also help you not to overeat.  


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.   

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