How to Make Smarter Cereal Choices

cerealBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets your metabolism up for the day and gives you the energy you need to make it through. The problem with breakfast is a lot of people want it fast, and that can lead to unhealthy choices. What makes that problem even worse is the bevy of unhealthy breakfast options, and cereal can be one of the worst culprits. So, here are some guidelines you can use to help you choose the best and healthiest cereal to start your day off right!

Read the Nutrition Label

It seems simple, but too many people skip out on this step. Remember that you want something high in fiber but low in added sugar. The rule of thumb is to choose a cereal that has more than five grams of fiber per serving, but less than five grams of sugar. And don’t forget the protein! Choose a cereal with at least 3 grams of protein per serving.

You may be lured in by a package claiming to be “whole grain” or have “reduced sugar” but the truth is that sugar may just have been replaced with other refined carbs that are just as bad for you. The top ingredient in any ingredient list should be whole wheat or wheat bran – this is how you know something is truly whole grain.

Also make sure to steer clear of any hydrogenated oils, artificial dyes or colors and preservatives in the ingredients list. They simply are not a building block for a healthy diet or a healthy breakfast!

Tricks of the Trade

If you want to add a little natural sweetness to cereal for yourself, then add some fruit to it! You can do fresh or frozen, it doesn’t matter – but you’ll find it’ll add sweetness without adding the bad stuff to your first meal of the day.

If you have a family and they will look at your in disdain if you try to serve them a high fiber cereal, try giving them half and half. That means that you do half a serving of the good stuff, and half a serving of the sweeter cereal they want mixed together. This will give them the illusion that they’re having what they really want while you’re also injecting some good nutrition into it!

If you have any other questions about what to look for to make better breakfast cereal choices, talk to your chiropractor. They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and can answer your questions!

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