How to Safely Heal Your Gut

bacteriaDo you eat well but still suffer from bloating, constipation or other gut issues? You may have read about healing your gut through eating, but there are other things you can do in order to heal your gut that has nothing to do with your diet. Here are a few things that you can do to help heal your gut besides eating right!

What Gut Bacteria Does

The bacteria that lives in your gut sends signals to your brain that influence how well you sleep, how much you stress and even your mood and memory! It’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits both of you to find a balance for.

When your gut bacterium is in balance, you feel calmer and even better overall. In fact, some studies have concluded that fixing stress can fix the bacteria in your gut. The little colonies that live in your colon are so important, that some issues with your brain can be treated by medications for your gut.

What You Can Do

You want to concentrate on your sleep, that’s the first step. Try powering down all of your electronics – tablets, phones and whatever else you have – an hour before bed. Now, about 10 minutes before bedtime, do something relaxing like yoga or deep breathing exercises. Or pull out a good, old-fashioned book and read for a bit.

In the morning, start a new routine. Before you get out of bed, take ten deep breaths and say something nice to yourself. It can be something you are thankful for, or something you’re looking forward to for the day.

Dealing with Stress

At work, try to pay close attention when you start to feel stress at work or home. When you notice it coming on, STOP! Take 10 deep breaths and repeat it as often as you need all day long. Take some time to figure out what helps you to calm down. Maybe exercise? Journaling? Painting? Belting out a song in the shower? Figure it out and try to work it into your day.


If you find you’re tired during the day, and your new sleep routine hasn’t quite kicked in yet then try a nap. 15-30 minutes can give your brain the rest it needs to boost memory and even lower your body’s inflammation response.

Your goal is to have 9-10 hours of sleep every night. That’s what experts have calculated is needed for a full system reset.

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