How to Share More About Yourself Without Being a Bore

tellHave you ever had someone ask you to tell them more about yourself and realized you have no idea what to say? That’s a common problem – most people don’t really know how to talk about themselves in a way that doesn’t make them sound completely full of themselves or like a complete bore. This question may come up in a job interview, on a date or when meeting a new friend. If you’re in the dark about the best way to tell someone about you, have no fear! Here are some tips to help you sort it out.

Don’t Be a Negative Nellie

When you’re telling someone about yourself you need to be nice – to yourself. Stay cheerful and confident and offer up the best things about yourself first. Make sure to tell the truth, but make sure you show the appropriate sides of yourself for the situation – be funny, be charming and most importantly, be yourself.

The Situation is Important

You are a multi-dimensional person, and there are a lot of things about you to share. What you share needs to be appropriate to the situation. Don’t tell someone at a job interview, for example, the funny story about that keg party in college. Don’t get too personal with people when it’s not appropriate either – not only because you don’t want to make a bad impression but because you should be discerning with who your trust with information about yourself. Stick to things such as your goals, enjoyable hobbies, favorite music or books.

Give Yourself a Time Limit

Do you want to listen to someone go on and on about themselves for an hour? Probably not. You can be the most interesting person in the world and still, people will reach a point where they get bored. Practice an answer to the “tell me about yourself” question and try to limit it to a minute or two. Also, make sure to have different things to say about yourself depending on the context. Create a spiel for social situations and for work situations. When you keep it short you open up the possibility of having an actual conversation with someone.

It really will pay off to think about the things you want others to know about you. You are, after all, an interesting person and people need to know about you. You may be surprised how being prepared to define yourself will come in handy in many situations.

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