How to Strength Train Outside the Gym

When people want to lose weight and get healthier, they are most likely only going to do cardio, since cardio burns the most calories. What many people, especially older people, neglect is strength training. Strength training builds muscle, prevents back pain, and prevents osteoporosis. Also, a pound of muscle looks much more attractive on someone than a pound of fat. However, not many people have the time for lifting weights. That is why we have a few ideas on how to build muscle, just by doing your every day chores.

Carrying Heavy Items: Whether you carry the overflowing laundry basket up and down the stairs or take out the garbage, these two chores can help build your arms. Add in a few walking lunges and squats while taking the laundry or trash to its destination for an extra calorie burn and muscle toning benefits. Just be sure to keep your transverse abdominal muscles in when carrying something heavy.

Help a Friend Move: Stop trying to find excuses on helping out a friend move. It is a great calorie burn! Just be sure to lift the items with a flat back and to bend your knees. Of course, usually a friend needs help moving only once or twice a year. You can volunteer to help others out in the community too and cancel your personal trainer.

Yard Work: Raking the leaves, sweeping the porch, and mowing the lawn are all great ways to get a full body workout. Of course, the old school lawn mowers will burn more calories, but the newer models will still have you working up a sweat. If you don’t have a lawn to care for, try volunteering for a city clean up day.

Kid Duty: Whether you have kids of your own or nieces and nephews, they are a great resource to getting in shape. Try pushing a double stroller (with two kids in it) around the mall, pushing a toddler on the swing, or dancing with them in your arms. You are certainly going to feel the burn.

The point is that there are great muscle toners all around us, from our housework to our kids. Instead of paying someone else to take care of the yard or moving, do it yourself and save yourself a few hours in the gym. Remember to always stretch well before and after any activity and to lift heavy items properly.


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