Improve Your Digestive System with Chiropractic Treatment

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One of my cousins suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She had chronic symptoms including gas, bloating, and diarrhea. She’d tried everything her doctor suggested, until I urged her to see a chiropractor – and she experienced immediate relief from her symptoms. Now she only has mild symptoms every once in a while, not the chronic, debilitating symptoms she had before. 

Americans spend more than $80 billion each year on drugs to relieve heartburn, acid reflux, gas, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive disorders. These disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent – but fortunately, there’s a proven and scientifically tested chiropractic treatment for most digestive complaints.

Your body’s nervous system controls digestive function from several different regions. Your stomach sends signals to the brain through the spine. The vagus nerve sends signals from the brain back to the stomach. Other major areas controlling digestion include the sympathetic nerves of the thoracic and lumbar regions. Spinal misalignment in any of these areas can compromise neurological function and alter the digestive system.

Chiropractors look for the location of these spinal misalignments, which are called subluxations. A spinal adjustment restores nerve supply to the deficient organs. This approach is designed to respect the body’s natural ability to heal and works to enhances organ function and quality of life.  

Several studies have shown that chiropractic treatments may help restore optimal function in individuals with digestive disturbances. In one case study, a woman with IBS was treated once a week for five years. After just one treatment she noticed her symptoms easing, and at two years in she was still symptom-free. Like my cousin, chiropractic care effectively cured her IBS. 

Another study took infants who were experiencing infrequent bowel movements, from every three to four days to just once a week. The parents of these infants had tried laxatives and other cures recommended by medical doctors with no results. The infants underwent chiropractic treatment ranging from three weeks to three months. By the end of the study each infant was having a bowel movement at least once a day.

Subluxations in specific areas of the spine can prevent the bowel from functioning properly. It is common to see people who have not had a bowel movement for days experience almost immediate relief after an adjustment (I’ll admit, it happens to me every time). Regular care from a chiropractor can help patients establish regular, comfortable elimination. 

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