Keyboards to Crumbs: Easy Steps to Keep the Office Clean

workYou place of employment could be teeming with bacteria and viruses. Think about all the people going in and out of it all day, as well as the number of hands that touch door handles and desks – even keyboards. You need to take some steps to keep your workspace as healthy as possible to ensure that you don’t end up sick! Try some of these strategies to stay healthy.

Packing a Lunch

If you bring your lunch to work, first – congratulations for your commitment to your health! But, you need to be diligent to eat perishables in the right time frame. In general you should not let more than two hours pass between the time you pack it and when you put it in your office fridge. Otherwise you could be opening yourself up to food poisoning, and no one wants that!

Refrigerator Inspection

Can you guess how often the average office fridge is cleaned out? Well, it’s about once every six weeks! That combined with the fact that most perishable food will go bad within 3 to 5 days makes for a hazard to your health (and everyone else you work with). The office fridge should be cleaned out weekly, but you know how that goes – no one wants to take responsibility. One possible solution is to assign people who use it a specific week to clean it out. Anything left at the end of the day on Friday should be pitched!

Kitchen Cleanliness

The microwave in your office kitchen may need a biohazard sticker. The counters may have the crumbs of a thousand donuts on it. This can be a big problem for the health of those in your office not only because it can grow bacteria, but also because it attracts pests. Keep antibacterial wipes on hand so people can easily wipe up their messes.

Desktop Danger Zone

You may be thinking at this point that getting everyone in your office on board with these tasks will be a, well, task. You may be right, but at the very least you can control your own destiny in your office or cubicle. Keep your desktop, keyboard and phone clean by wiping them down regularly with antibacterial wipes. Also, wash out your coffee mug well after every use with soap and water – it can be a breeding ground for bacteria too.

Staying healthy at work is important, so take these steps to try and keep your space as healthy as possible!

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