Make Meditation a Part of Your Day

MeditateYou may have heard of meditation before, and maybe you think it’s something reserved for people into the new age movement or Indian yogis.  That couldn’t be the further from the truth.  Incorporating meditation into your daily life can help with relaxation, melt away stress and give you a pick me up both physically and mentally.  Here’s a quick overview of how to meditate.


Find some calming, instrumental music to put on and find a quiet place to sit.  Get yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes while taking a deep breath. Gently exhale and count down from 20.  As you count, feel yourself letting go of your cares and sinking into a more relaxed state of mind.

To take the relaxation further, imagine your body part by part and focus on relaxing those parts.  Start at the scalp and work all the way down to your toes until every section of your body is relaxed.


Imagine your consciousness as a white light that surrounds your body in a kind of bubble.  Imagine the bubble to be full of peaceful, gentle and loving energy.  Expand that light outwards into the room, into the whole house, into the neighborhood and beyond.  Feel a sense of oneness to your environment.


Think about five to ten things that you are grateful for.  They can be big or they can be small, but all you need to do is express gratitude for these things.  Try to recall, as vividly as possible, how those things make you feel through your senses.  Let the gratitude flow through you.


Holding on to anger and resentment is like a cancer that spreads through you both emotionally and physically.  Meditation is way to let that go.  Think about anyone you have had a conflict with and imagine that person in front of you.  Apologize for any wrong you brought into their lives and ask for their forgiveness, while at the same time forgiving them for any wrong they brought you.  Let the forgiveness flow through you and embrace letting go of something so toxic.


Think about the different aspects of your life and where you want them to be in 3 years.  Visualize these things as vividly as you can by incorporating your 5 senses.

Daily Intention

Picture yourself in this current moment, living the best version of this exact day.  Be as vivid as you can and try to incorporate emotions like joy, excitement and gratitude.  Take yourself through your day to the very end.  Think about yourself in bed going into a deep, relaxed and renewing sleep. 

You are now finished! Feel better?

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