Migraines and Headaches Can Be Treated With Chiropractic


Most people will experience a headache at some point in their lifetime, be it from dehydration, lack of sleep, or stress. Headache pain affects everything you do, making it a real hindrance to overall health and wellbeing. For those individuals whose headaches progress into full blown migraines, the pain can be altogether debilitating. Chiropractic care is a truly effective option for the treatment of headaches and migraines. Read on to learn why.

Causes of Headaches

As briefly mentioned above, headaches can be caused by dehydration, lack of sleep, and stress. In addition, muscle strain, poor posture, or trauma/injury can lead to headaches and even migraines. Certain foods have been linked with migraines, including red wine and cured meats, and foods containing MSG (although this is a case by case situation).  Some people have migraine triggers unique to them, which may include prolonged noises and music. A final, and perhaps most relevant, cause of headaches and migraines is spinal subluxation. Chiropractic care can correct this frustrating issue.

Chiropractic Intervention

Spinal subluxation and misalignment can cause the spinal vertebrae to put pressure on nearby nerves, which can send pain up the neck and to the head. Whether it be from chronic slouching, jarring injury, or simply as a result of time, subluxation alters the flow of the nervous system, causing interference of messages from the brain to the body and back. Chiropractors work to correct the subluxation and restore proper function to the spine. Many people will experience relief after just one treatment, but regular and consistent chiropractic care is the best option, for both healthy individuals and those with pain issues.

Other lifestyle changes like strengthening your back and neck muscles, improving posture, and eating a balanced diet can help lessen the risk for headaches and migraines. Especially now in summer, be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.


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