Nutrition Myths Debunked


Just because a so-called “expert” claims it to be true does not mean that said piece of information is an absolute truth. We are talking about nutrition and diet advice here, because there is so much of it out there, and a lot of it is contradicting. So how do you know what to believe/put in place in your own life? Here are some of the most common nutritional myths that we have all likely fallen victim to. Check them out!

Fat = Fat

When it comes to fat content in food, lower fat gets the reputation for being the healthiest option. This is because many people, due in part to the advice of the weight loss industry, have instructed us that fat grams lead to fat pounds. But this is not entirely true. While there are some unhealthy fats that hurt your cardiovascular health and raise cholesterol, there are also some healthy fats that do just the opposite! Avocados, salmon, and nuts contain different types of fats that are good for your heart in the right doses, and can also contribute to healthy skin and hair.

Snacking is Slacking

Snacking is often regarded as the infamous killer of diets. Sure, if you snack on donuts and chips every day, you are probably not giving your body the appropriate nutrients. But snacking can actually be beneficial to a healthy diet, because it keep your metabolism burning, and helps you avoid blood sugar spikes as well. It is all about what you choose to snack on. Yogurt, fruits, veggies and nuts are chock full of goodness, and will keep you fuller longer, so throw these into your lunchbox or briefcase for sustained energy and stamina.

Calories are Calories

This myth is based on the idea that any calorie will have the same effect on the body as another. But not all calories are the same. The body digests calories from proteins very differently than it does calories from simple carbohydrates. Instead of focusing on calories, focus on nutrients. Take a 50 calorie apple versus 50 calories of cheesecake. These won’t digest the same, because the apple has different nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber) than the cheesecake (processed sugar, saturated fat).



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Story Credit: 10 Of The Worst Diet Tips Ever by Stephanie Castillo

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