Protect Your Feet : Protect Your Whole Body

feetYour feet are, quite literally, the foundation for your whole body. It’s true! Protecting your feet is your first line of defense to keep your spine, body and overall health at its best. Here’s how to care for your feet and make sure they, and you, are getting the support needed!

Support Those Feet!

On a daily basis you walk or stand on your feet for extended time periods, but you may be overlooking the importance of your feet and the support you are giving them. But if you think about it, every step you take immediately sends forces to your ankles, calves, knees and his that extend all the way up through your spine. If you exercise by running, jogging or jumping then the impact significantly increases and proper support is even more important because the more force placed upon your feet, the more likely injuries are to occur when the feet aren’t supported properly.

Different Activities mean Different Footwear

If you’re a runner, you know how important shoe choice is. So much stress is placed on your body every time your foot makes contact with the ground as your run that the entire foot needs support, regardless of gait. Runners need to provide stability to the 3 ligaments that make up the arch of the foot and the shifting balance of the foot. Proper foot support eases the impact on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and other joints and discs in the spine as you rack up those miles. If you have the correct footwear, then you greatly reduce the stress on your body and reduce the soreness you may experience.

If you are a gym rat and get in some regular hours at the gym, proper footwear is important too. A lot of people go to the gym to get high intensity interval training or even cross fit total body workouts. These types of workouts rely on your feet for balance, stability and posture. Having the right shoe is of the utmost importance to avoid injury. You don’t want anything too soft or cushioned because it won’t provide even support and will reduce your stability.

No Two Feet Are the Same

Your feet are different in size and structure from everyone else’s, and no two arches are the same either. If you take that into account along with how different your activity level may be, you can see the importance of getting not only the right shoe, but the right fit for every occasion.

Taking care of your feet is taking care of your whole body. If your feet aren’t properly supported then neither is the rest of your body. Talk to your chiropractor about how to get fitted for the right shoes for your exercise and everyday routines.

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