Quick and Easy Ideas For Living Healthier

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Embracing a healthier lifestyle is something that is on the minds of most people at one point or another. We all want to live better, longer, and with quality and passion. But making a plan for long term wellness can sometimes seem daunting, and unfortunately many people think they will have to miss out on some of the most enjoyable things in life to be healthy. In reality though, wellness comes with a combination of good decisions, not by saying “no” to candy bars or waking up at 3:00 A.M. every morning to workout (although, healthy diet and exercise are crucial to wellness). Below are some simple things you can do to make an impact on your health in no time flat!

Take Your Water Up a Notch

If you are trying to drink more water instead of soda or sugary coffee drinks, there are ways to make it more appealing. Adding in fresh fruit or veggies can give your water a little pizzazz (and vitamins!), and the flavor will undoubtedly make you more likely to drink it. Cucumbers, lemons, oranges, mint and even strawberries make great additions!

Cover Your Sneeze

Especially right now with cold and flu season going on, covering up a sneeze can keep you and those around you healthier. While your best bet is to grab a tissue, if you don’t have one handy go ahead and sneeze into the crook of your arm (AKA your elbow). Doing this helps keep germs off your hands, so that you can avoid spreading sickness by touching doorknobs or things others regularly use. It will also keep you cleaner, so that when you eat with your hands or touch your face, you aren’t doing so with germ laden hands.

Brush That Tongue

If you brush your teeth and floss twice a day, you are a step ahead of the majority. As a matter of fact, brushing and flossing are closely linked with a healthy heart. Who would have thought? But another important part of oral health is brushing your tongue. Your tongue can be a haven for germs and bacteria that lead to bad breath and plaque build up. So after you have brushed your teeth, go ahead and give the tongue a good scrub as well!

Kick Off Your Shoes

Taking off your shoes before you go inside your home can do a few things. First, it keeps your carpet/floors looking cleaner. And second, it reduces the amount of germs, dirt, and bacteria you bring inside via the bottom of your shoes. Think about it: when you walk in to a public bathroom, ride on the city bus, or hit the gym, your shoes pick up plenty of pollutants along the way. Avoid bringing them inside your home by kicking them off at the front door!


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Story Credit: 9 Healthy Habits You Can Do in 1 Minute (Or Less) by Cari Nierenberg

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